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After being in the auction industry for over 45 years, GPK Auctions is taking a leap into the Competition Show Car world.

We reached out to some local car owners and custom builders to find the DOs and DON’Ts that result in a successful competition.

DO – Have CASH awards! Everyone wants to win cash!

DO – Have nationally, well respected, independent judges

DO – Offer a group rate at a local hotel to keep cost down

DON’T – Judge the owner, judge the vehicle!

Once we had the basic idea put together we reached out to a notable expert in the industry, Ed Denkenberger, owner and operator of Superior Auto Works out of Frederica DE. With Ed on board as the new Competition Director it was like someone turned on the high beams on a dark road – everything got clearer!

Next, we assembled an outstanding team. We signed on Reggie Tibbetts as Judging Supervisor along with Steve Mank and Ray Jump as Event Car Show Judges.  

Finally, we reached out to the one and only ScottieDTV to come out and capture all of the action and amazing vehicles on video so the Inaugural Deuce’s Wild & Joker’s Wild Car Shows can make their YouTube debut!


$100 Registration Fee

Awards in Each Class

1st Place $1,000

2nd Place $500

3rd Place $250

OVER $8,500 in Prize Money

Limited to ONLY Vehicles


$50 Registration Fee

$2,500 Prize Money

$500 Cash Prizes ~

~ Discount Hotels ~

~ Complementary Trailer Parking ~

Ed Denkenberger II

 Ed Denkenberger, II, owner and operator of Superior Auto Works, Frederica, Delaware is an artist/builder in the automobile custom and restoration community with few equals. Although he is a self-proclaimed cornfield restorer, for his clients he creates golden harvests that achieve recognition and awards at the highest levels of the industry.

Ed did not begin with an established mentor: he started his business from scratch, studied, worked hard, and has essentially become a thirty-year “overnight success”: building his reputation one vehicle at a time. Ed has, long-since his formative days as a welder and fabricator, captured his dream and mastered his trade of creating top-tier custom vehicles, and recreating concours classics to their original or better-than original state. Ed’s shop is most frequently staffed solely by himself, although he has been fortunate from time-to-time to have had the able assistance of quality people. Those of us who know him call it a one-man shop.

Ed is a broad-spectrum artist. Not limited to body production, he also designs and creates custom chassis and performs award-winning fiberglass fabrication and reconstruction. As remarkable as are these skills, his “deep” custom and restorative paint is a continual show-stopper.

Ed has a motto:

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

If you can dream it, you can be it.”

To that end, possibly Ed’s greatest attribute is his ability to work with his clients. He involves them in the build far beyond just the design phase. If you want to participate and have minimal or considerable skills and lots of energy, he’ll involve you. Want homework? Ed will happily instruct and guide you to positive ends. Your level of involvement depends on you – to a point of course. Then enter Ed and his unique skill sets. Your ideas about your vehicle, blended with Ed’s will result in something far more than you had anticipated.

Beginning his career forty years ago, he and wife Lori, established Superior Auto Works in 1996. Since that time Ed has utilized his exceptional conceptual abilities to guide his clients to and through their builds. Ed “visualizes” what others cannot see in the future of their build, and how it should present when completed, including the color choice. When the artist in him takes over, the palette that is his shop is used by him to create for his clients what they want, and more, in a vehicle. His custom-one-off and detailed restoration work includes products from Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler Corporation, to commercial media such as American-LaFrance, Mack, and Reo Speedwagon. Ed is “hands on” and is responsible for more than thirty complete turn-key builds, many of which have successfully competed locally and nationally. The results of his artistry are often “feature vehicles” at national events.

Ed’s work has been recognized by multiple leading publications in the automotive industry that promote automobile and truck customization and restoration. Just to mention a few of these periodicals: cover stories in Hemmings Muscle Machine, and features in such as NSRA Street Scene, Street Rodder, Hot Rod and Custom Chronicle, Corvette, Super Chevy, Classic Truck, and Trucking. Many others have imparted their readership with Ed’s work.

As important as these publications are in publicizing what the builders are producing, without the industry awards, outstanding builders such as Ed would not be recognized. Among the many honors Ed has achieved are a few as follows: 2012 and 2018 Ridler finalists, multiple ISCA, AACA, NCCC, and Goodguy awards, 2012 AACA Junior and Senior National Champion awards, and Street Rodder 2017 Top 100. 2015 saw him achieve the ISCA overall Custom Championship, and being published with two vehicles pictured in the 2015 Axalta paint calendar, for the creation of amazing custom colors and vehicles. The commercial trucks have garnered Ed six championships in the Delaware Fire Convention competition. In 2018 he was runner-up in the Hot August Nights Gold Cup. Arguably the most prestigious recognition received by any builder was at SEMA 2018, where he was conferred the Mother’s Shine Award.

Ed’s work speaks for itself, as a visit to his web site or immaculate shop will attest. Or better yet, attend a show where one or more of his client’s cars, or his personal cars are on display. You might also find Ed at a show providing a restoration seminar or serving as a judge. If so, stop and say hello. Ed loves to talk cars!

Reggie Tibbetts

Reggie Tibbetts – Reggie has owned and built over 150 vehicles over the years to include Street Rods, Trucks, Corvettes, Chevelles, Novas and VWs. Being a tradesman in his early days, Reggie was trained in welding, woodworking and millwright work which gave him the skills to fabricate and use almost any type of equipment and materials on the cars he built.  In the early 1970’s he built a showed a Tubular Sand Buggy with his wife Margret, named “Good Vibrations” winning 89 Best of Shows in 15 years before retiring the vehicle. Reggie has stayed heavily involved in building classic and custom cars, building classic cars for Casino giveaways and has judged or managed over 33 automotive events each year and has been judging events for over 40 years all over the Nation. He is the co-owner of a nationally recognized event, Custom Auto Show in Albuquerque New Mexico celebrating its 29th Anniversary.  He has officiated for Hot August Nights “Reno Cup”, Darryl Starbird Run for the Gold Custom Auto Show in Tulsa Oklahoma, Super Chevy Magazine: 13 shows a year nationwide, the International Show Car Association (ISCA) and the National Rod & Custom Association (NRCA) as well as many independent promoters.

Steve Mank

Just a brief history…

Steve has been working on cars since he was 15/16 years of age. He came upon it honestly & must have inherited it from his Father. He built his first complete vehicle at age 19/20. It was a 1947 Ford Pickup. The ’47 Ford pickup was pretty basic build with a 302 Ford small block, 9″ Ford rear axle , a C-4 Automatic trans and no luxury items. Just a great old truck which he would love to have back!!!

He then started working with friends Fred & Denny at Lloyd Bros. Off Road Center in Waterville, Ohio.  Fred Lloyd is probably the MOST knowledgeable mechanic he has ever known. Mank worked at their shop all through the ’80’s doing everything from sweeping the floor to working on special projects.  In the mid ’80’s, Steve wanted to become a show car judge in the ISCA, Super Chevy & several other associations. Chris Dixon from Wounded Knee Motors in Toledo, Ohio helped Steve get started judging. He judged ISCA & Super Chevy shows up until the early 2000’s.  Steve also worked with Chris at his shop during this time, as well as other projects involving custom car builder & show producer, Carl Casper.

In 1989, what Steve called his “dream job” came along!  He was asked to be one of the builders on the team to build the cars for the “Batman” & “Batman Returns” movies with Chris Dixon at Wounded Knee Motors.  That opportunity lasted for many years & has turned into many other opportunities because of the exposure & travel involved with these projects.  His boss at Show Cars inc., Harold (Chub) Lorah was one of Mank’s closest friends & mentors because of all the opportunities he had trusted Steve with in the industry.

Steve is very lucky to call guys like Chip Foose, Troy Ladd, Gene Winfield, Darryl Starbird, Carl Casper and so many others as friends!

Now a days Steve is content to work at home in his shop & travel when he wants because of the great friendships he has in the custom automotive world!

One of the great opportunities that came along a few years ago was to volunteer on a tv show on SpikeTV called “Search & Restore”. This brought the next “dream job” to Mank as he became the co-host on “Musclecar”!  Owned by RTM Productions the Powerblock is home to many great automotive shows.

Thank you to Everyone who has been a part of our life in the custom car world!!! We can’t wait for the NEXT GREAT adventure!!!!!

Ray Jump

Ray Jump has been building Hot Rods his entire life. With an engineering background, this came easy. Owning his own machine/engine performance shop has given him the access to do this. Ray started his career at General Mills as an Engineer/Architect and worked there for many years, when it closed down, he decided to start judging car shows. As a professional judge he has and continues to judge for over 16 different venues and 25 years, including Super Chevy Shows, Street Machine Nation ALS and Hot August Nights.

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